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"Lessons learned" from the project H-REII DEMO

After three years the H-REII DEMO has successfully come to an end. We therefore invite you to visit the "Observatory" page to get an overview of the activities carried out in these years.
The project WHAVES, which will run until the end of 2015, will carry on the message and actions of the projects H-REII and H-REII DEMO.

Annex 3.3.I General lessons.pdf [PDF - 490 KB]


Web Seminar "Waste Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries"

With 134 inscriptions and 103 participants, we wish to thank you all for contributing to the success of the Web Seminar "Waste Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries" as final event of the project H-REII DEMO.
The presentation shown during the webinar is here available for downloading.

Webinar HREII-DEMO.pdf [PDF - 4009 KB]



As the final event of the H-REII DEMO, a Webinar will take place on Monday 6th October at 3.00 pm. It will showcase the project technical and policy actions and present its main findings and results. Don't miss it! Free registration.

Final event H-REII DEMO.pdf [PDF - 404 KB]


First ORC at electric arc furnace

The magazine Cogeneration&on-site Power Production has recently published an article showcasing the installation at the Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH steel plant in Riesa (Germany) of the first prototype of heat recovery system in an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), made it possible thanks to the project H-REII DEMO


IFC Report - Waste Heat Recovery for the Cement Sector: Market and Supplier Analysis

Energy in Demand, website focused on sustainable energy, has received the contribution of Marco Baresi, vice-president of Italcogen, the Confindustria association of manufacturers of CHP and waste heat recovery equipment in Italy. In reviewing a new report from the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, he shows the importance of waste heat recovery in Europe and that the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive could be an important driver in exploiting the potential.


AISTech 2014: Paper

Title: "Cogeneration with ORC at Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi EAF Shop"
Authors: Bause T., Campana F., Filippini L., Foresti A., Monti N., Pelz T.
Keywords: ORC, Organic Rankine Cycle, WHR, Waste Heat Recovery, EAF, CO2 reduction

AISTech 2014_Paper_Bause_Cogeneration with ORC at Elbe_Stahlwerke Feralpi EAF Shop.pdf [PDF - 1234 KB]


Certificati Bianchi Conference: Presentation

Title: "I Certificati Bianchi a sostegno dei recuperi termici da processo industriale"
Author: Marco Baresi

Certificati Bianchi_Presentazione Turboden_Baresi.pdf [PDF - 2699 KB]


AISTech 2014: Presentation

Title: "Cogeneration with ORC at Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi AEF Shop"
Authors: Bause T., Campana F., Filippini L., Foresti A., Monti N., Pelz T.

AISTech 2014_Turboden_DEF.pdf [PDF - 4987 KB]


Waste heat recovery in steel industry

The Italian magazine "Utilities Management", realized by AGICI with the support of Aidea, has recently published an article about waste heat recovery and biomass cogeneration. Whithin steel sector HREII project and its analysis regarding waste heat recovery potential in Italian steel industry have been presented.

recuperi termici_management delle utilities.pdf [PDF - 3630 KB]


Waste heat recovery: an opportunity to relaunch Italian industry

HREII demo project was recently presented within the article "ORC: an oportunity to relaunch Italian industry" published in the Italian magazine Utilities Management. The article presents solutions, benefits and criticality related to waste heat recovery interventions in energy intensive industries.

sistemi orc_management delle utilities.pdf [PDF - 682 KB]


HREII DEMO project at the Green Economy Conference

On 19th December 2013, on the occasion of the Green Economy Conference organized by the Green Economy Fundation with the sponsorship of Brescia District, HREII DEMO project will be presented as an example of technological innovation in energy efficiency sector.

programme.pdf [PDF - 781 KB]


HREII DEMO project at the Fifth National Conference on Energy Efficiency

27-28 November 2013, Rome.
HREII DEMO project was presented at the fifth National Conference on Energy Efficiency organized by Friends of Earth within the "Italian Efficiency Campaign" dedicated to the role of energy efficiency in the economic upturn of italian industries.

2013 11 27 Amici della Terra.pdf [PDF - 3968 KB]


HREII DEMO project at Stahl 2013

28th November 2013, Düsseldorf.
HREII DEMO project participated in the Stahl International Annual Meeting "Steel in Motion", an occasion to discuss the conditions that would permit in future sustainable growth, reliable investments and industrial acceptance.

Steel in motion - programme.pdf [PDF - 4154 KB]


HREII DEMO project at Energy Management 2013

20 November 2013, Milan.
HREII DEMO project was presented at "Energy Management 2013". The Conference, organized by FIRE, was an occasion to discuss about energy efficiency in Italy and about the existing barriers to energy saving project financings.

programma.pdf [PDF - 174 KB]


HREII DEMO project at the Key Energy of Rimini

HREII DEMO project was presented at the Key Energy of Rimini within the conference "The Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU and the italian situation". The presentation focused on waste heat recovery and energy efficiency oportunities in energy intensive industry.

key energy_presentation.pdf [PDF - 3042 KB]


HREII DEMO at the Italian Metallurgy Association's Study Day

24 October 2013, Milan.
The HREII DEMO project was presented on the occasion of the Study Day on the Rational Use of Energy organized by the Italian Metallurgy Association. Within the presentation, particular attention was dedicated to the potential of Heat Recovery.

Turboden per AIM 24 Ottobre 2013.pdf [PDF - 1913 KB]


Smart Energy Project

1st October 2013, Rome.
Presentation of “Smart Energy Project” realized by Confindustria with the scientific collaboration of RSE – Research into Electical System.

2013 10 01 ex summary.pdf [PDF - 5104 KB]


HREII and HREII DEMO in the spotlight

Energy in Demand, edited by the indipendent expert on sustainable energy Rod Janssen, and Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes, a business & policy platform for energy efficiency, have recently presented HREII and HREII DEMO projects on their respective websites, focusing their attention on the great potential in terms of energy recovery as well as in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions.

websites links:




Waste heat recovery expertise

Press review: Glass Worldwide magazine

130801_GLASS WORLDWIDE (impianto vetro AGC).pdf [PDF - 219 KB]


HREII DEMO at ATI Conference

The ATI confernce will focus on energy efficiency and cogeneration in italian industry sectors and the growth prespectives for italian industry.
HREII DEMO project will be presented in the afternoon session dedicated to cogeneration.

Turboden per ATI.pdf [PDF - 3552 KB]


HREII DEMO at the EUSEW 2013

Brussels, 27th June 2013
Marco Baresi presents the HREII DEMO project at the European Sustainable Energy Week 2013. During the conference organized by EEIP about the financing of energy efficiency, the HREII DEMO results and objectives will be explained. At the speakers table, they are representatives of European Institutions, associations, banks and industry.

20130627_Italcogen.pdf [PDF - 781 KB]


Energy Recovery in Industry: From Best Practice to Implementation

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Duisburg, 12th June.
EEIP (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes) is a neutral, not-for-profit business and policy platform. It was launched in April 2010 at the European Commission.
The Conference, operated through this biggest European platform dedicated for industrial energy efficiency, focuses on industrial waste heat recovery in Europe.
Eng. Alessandro Foresti, Managing Director of Turboden, delivers a speech in the afternoon preseting the HREII DEMO project. Title of his presentation: "Energy recovery: Best practices in energy intensive industries".

Turboden-EEIP Duisburg 130612.pdf [PDF - 4232 KB]



Once again, POWER-GEN Europe will be staging alongside Renewable Energy World Europe, creating a joint forum addressing all the key issues across the entire spectrum of the power generation industry.
You can find the HREII DEMO project at Hall B - Stand B3545. Come and visit us!
We look forward to extending a warm welcome to you in Vienna.


HREII DEMO at Global CemPower Conference & Exhibition

The 2nd Global CemPower Conference&Exhibition is the largest global gathering of experts on waste heat recovery, captive power generation and electrical energy efficiency in the cement and lime industries. HREII DEMO takes part in this Conference again, where Sabrina Santarossa, Application and Product Development Engineer, delivers a speech.


HREII DEMO at the sixth conference about energy efficiency in Industry

Energy efficiency is an important topic for the Italian economy. It’s a source of worth, economic growth and development. In this meeting - the sixth after the conferences of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 – the most innovative technologies will be illustrated to improve the energy efficiency.
Marco Baresi, HREII DEMO project manager, delivers a speech during the second sessions of Tuesday. Speech’s title: “Heat recovery with ORC technology in the energy intensive industries”.

Turboden per Megalia 20130514.pdf [PDF - 2170 KB]



Cogeneration is generally recognised as a strategic energy choice for Europe, to contribute to stimulating economic growth, job creation and reduction of CO2 emissions. On 18th-19th April, COGEN Europe will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference. The Conference is traditionally Europe’s largest annual cogeneration gathering and offers a unique platform for policymakers, business and energy professionals to meet and discuss the challenges and contributions of cogeneration to EU energy policy.
Eng. Marco Baresi, Institutional Relations Manager of Turboden, will deliver a speech on 19th April, examining cities and bioenergy cogeneration.


HREII DEMO at the HannoverMesse

HREII DEMO takes part in HannoverMesse, one of the world's premier industrial technology showcases. Come and visit us: hall 27, stand no. J78!


HREII DEMO at Made in Steel

HREII DEMO takes part in the fifth edition of Made in Steel, one of the most important Italian fairs dedicated to steel industry. Come and visit us: Hall 4 - Booth D38.
Furthermore, Eng. Alessandro Foresti – Managing Director of Turboden – delivers a speech during the conference “Power & Utilities: steel for energy and Oil&Gas application”, scheduled on 4th April, from 10am to 1pm in the Siderweb Room.

Please find in attachment the Turboden press release.

MADE IN STEEL_eng_revAF.pdf [PDF - 132 KB]


Conference “White Certificate – Energy Efficiency Title”

Rome, 7th – 8th March 2013
Considering the conference success during the past editions, FIRE repeats the event with two days of in-depth analysis of energy efficiency title. HREII DEMO participates in the conference with a speech of Marco Baresi: “the white certificate as a way to promote technologies: the case of LIFE+ HREII DEMO project”.

2013-03 programma conferenza TEE.pdf [PDF - 503 KB]



Brussels, 17th December 2012
The HREII DEMO project attends the COGEN Europe dinner debate: “How does the new EED effect large industrial CHP applications?”. At the speakers table, there are member of the European Institutions and the most influential European associations about sustainable energy and energy efficiency.

17122012 COGEN Europe EP dinner debate - Programme.pdf [PDF - 152 KB]


The Friends of the Earth fourth national conference: “Efficiency is wealth”

Rome, Palazzo Rospigliosi, 21st and 22nd November 2012.
In the framework of the “Italy Efficiency” campaign, Friends of the Earth organizes the fourth national conference “efficiency is wealth” collaborating with CARTE (Associations for thermal renewables and efficiency). On Thursday 22 afternoon, Marco Baresi delivers a speech (title: HREII DEMO project, Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries)

2012 21 11 amicidellaterra.pdf [PDF - 2670 KB]


Key Energy 2012

Rimini, 7-10 November 2012.
HREII DEMO takes part in Key Energy, 6° International Expo for Sustainable Energy and Mobility. SAVE THE DATE: on Friday 9, Marco Baresi delivers a speech, during the Italcogen Conference. Title "The HREII DEMO project, heat recovery from industrial process: Process sustainability and opportunity for a new production chain". Come and visit us (Hall D3, stand 126)!

key energy Turboden 2012 11 07.pdf [PDF - 4385 KB]


HREII DEMO Project has arrived in Germany

The project HREII DEMO crosses national borders, making its first heat recovery from EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) in the steel industry.
The Feralpi Group, a leading steel producer in Europe, installs a prototype heat recovery system incorporating an ORC unit in its German plant ESF in Riesa.
The heat recovery system will be installed in the fumes purification mechanism of the smelting electric furnace, and it will be fed with water vapor produced by the fumes of the process. The energy generated will reduce the consumption of plant, contributing to the reduction of global emissions of greenhouse gases.
In addition to the electricity production of 3 MW ORC unit, is steam which is fed into the Riesa Municipal steam supply system and will be used by the production process of the nearby Goodyear plant.
The planned start-up date is within the first half of 2013.

Pieghevole HREII-DEMO_04_DEF.pdf [PDF - 613 KB]


EEIP Biennial Congress 2012

Berlin, 24 - 25 October 2012.
Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP) is a neutral not-for-profit platform for business and policy in Europe. The congress is divided into 2days meetings: day1 the challenges, day2 the solutions. Marco Baresi - Institutional Relations Manager - delivers a speech with the title "ORC for Waste Heat Recovery: The H-REII DEMO project" on 25th.

Turboden_HREII DEMO.pdf [PDF - 5111 KB]


20° ESF anniversary - Feralpi Group in Riesa (Germany)

Riesa, 25th September 2012
On the occasion of twentieth anniversary of EFS - Feralpi Group (primary European steel producer), Eng. Foresti introduces the first ORC system for heat recovery from EAF (Electric Air Furnace) in steel industry, that Turboden is realizing for Feralpi, thanks to HREII DEMO Project.


International Symposium

International Symposium "Advanced Waste Heat Valorisation Technologies" Kortrijk, Belgium, 13-14 September 2012: HREII DEMO will participate with a speech of Eng. Riccardo Vescovo – Sales Manager Heat Recovery Department: “ORC for waste heat recovery in industrial processes: the HREII Demo Project”.

Presentation Int. Symposium.pdf [PDF - 2540 KB]


Global CemPower 2012

London, 14-15 June 2012.
The Global CemPower Conference will look at the growing Waste Heat Recovery sector in the cement industry.
HREII DEMO takes part as sponsor and Eng. Riccardo Vescovo - Sales Manager Heat Recovery Department, delivers a speech with the title “Turn waste heat into value: the dependable Turboden ORC solutions”.

Presentation_GlobalCem.pdf [PDF - 2561 KB]


PowerGen Europe 2012

Cologne, 12-14 June 2012.
Come and visit HREII DEMO in Hall 6 Stand A201.


Happy Birthday LIFE!

The project HREII DEMO participates at the event organized by the University of Brescia to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the LIFE program.

HREII DEMO [modalità compatibilità].pdf [PDF - 256 KB]


Hannover Messe 2012

23-27 April at Hannover Messe. HREII DEMO will be exhibitor into the hall 27 stand H60.
Come and visit us!


HREII Project Launched (Italian)

kick-off workshop: Friday, April 13 at 15.30 at the end of the meeting between the project partners, Eng. Marco Baresi - Project Manager for the project H-REII DEMO - will be available for any requests for further information from the press at the headquarters of Turboden (Cernaia street in Brescia).

2012_avvio_HREIIDEMO_02.pdf [PDF - 138 KB]


Not only ecological but also bills savings

The website Qualenergia.it recently published the results of the OIR (International Observatory on the Renewable Industry and Finance) research about heat recovery and biomass CHP, which plans the possibility for Italy to save net 8 billion euros by 2030. Moreover, the study focuses on cement, steel and glass industries which would experience significant savings in their bills.


HREII DEMO project in the Energy Efficiency Report 2013

On the 4th December 2013 the third edition of Energy Efficiency Report "Energy Efficiency in Italy: technological solutions and business oportunities in industry, utilities and public admininstration" was presented in Milan. Within the Report, HREII DEMO project and its objectives are described as a relevant example of energy efficiency in industry.

Energy Efficiency Report_2013.pdf [PDF - 4013 KB]